Wedding Cakes Page 2

Ivory and white

5-8-11-14 with styro 20" base  serves 175-185


This cake was so pretty!  5-8-11-15 serves 175-185


draped on one side

Side two

undraped on the other, this cake sits in the middle of the room and is beautiful from every angle

laced cake

fresh flowers

Laced cake

sugar flowers


Drapes and grapes

A and E  Eason

Ivory cake with white lace and ivory roses.  The base of this cake is a fake cake but it completely iced and decorated like real cake.  


Classic buttercream cake with piped boarders and flowers.

Draped Hexagons

6-9-12-15 hexagon 18"round tiers  serves 256 without the top tier


6-8-10-12-14-16" x4  rounds serves 275-285

Invitation matched florals

These flowers were made to match the invitation perfectly

6r-10r-13 sq  serves 115

Offset tropical squares

Slightly turned with a cascade of tropical sugar flowers

6-10-14  serves 150

Hexagons floral and drapes

Gathered together

Tropical Cross

Tropical with stamped leaves

My wedding cake

This and the previous cake are very similar design with a different color scheme.  The bottom base tier is a Styrofoam fake cake and takes the place of a plateau.  The wedding cake looks bigger because of the large base but does not have those cake servings added.  The 20 inch base can be decorated in advance.

K&M Victorian

Ivory and gold draped


I wish I had a better photo of this cake, it was so pretty but did not photograph well under the spotlight.  

My Wedding Team

This cake was made as a display for My Wedding Team

it was real cake in a blushy latte color with lace drapes and floral cascade.  The bottom tier was white under the skirt of the colored fondant and trimmed with a white lace boarder.  Photos don't do it justice.  for your everything wedding planning team.


This cake comes with a story that made me quit for about two years. I would tell it but It would lead to 

Sugar red roses

This tiny cake serves 30 without the top tier 4-6-8

Fresh flowers