Groom's Cakes

Giant Steak and a brew

This cake is much larger than it looks!

Bacon Cheeseburger with fries

See side two below

Cheeseburger with mustard What?

10" burger cake serves 40

Side two bacon cheeseburger cake 11 inch cake serves 50 and just check out that bacon!

14 inch Giant hotdog cake, hand for size reference!  All buttercream icing

slightly smaller 12" giant hotdog cake with onion rings made from white chocolate.

two aggie rings, these almost melted in the incredibly hot Texas heat just going from the van into the ballroom!  Stressful, but I wish I had better pictures, this cake was fantastic!

Cheesecake with many berry filling and gold painted fresh berries on top

His favorite ball cap.  I was given a photograph of a faded,  stained and very much loved Astros ballcap to recreate for the groom's cake

This couple wanted to be on their very own giant edible baseball card, so I made it happen!

Baseball Glove

Completely edible sugar glove, bottom cake is 13"

If you don't know who SRV is, you don't need a guitar cake

Buttercream chocolate Texas cake with yellow roses

Two layer tattooed Texas

Texas shaped cake is two layer and serves 30-40

Leather Texas

Bottom cake is 16" and serves 100

two big fish on a 18x28 "cutting board" cake.  Wood grain is all buttercream frosting and wood burned emblems are airbrushed  


giant heart shaped pills have the couples initials, and lables

on the "bottle" are directions for a happy, successful marriage


The bride wasn't sure about having a cake like this at her event but her mom talked her into it.  Afterward she text me saying it was the talk of the reception, guests LOVED it and no one would ever forget their wedding!  Tacky, fun and delicious carrot cake

Fire fighter

Yoda is over 2 ft tall and his light saber is hard candy sugar.  At this angle it's hard to tell that the light saber is about 18" in length.  

Kevin's Groom's Cake

Our first halloween he dressed as a minion and I dressed up as mini mouse.  The topper of his groom cake is all about that date.  He broke his arm just before our wedding, so his minion has a cast!


This "tool chest" is 18x12x14" with a drawer open another 5 inches.  It serves about 160

Ben's Truck

The bride had a completely separate wedding cake, this "mud" covered cake is part of the groom's cake display and included the servings for the groom's cake.  

duck hunter

with decoy duck

duck hunter 

with decoy duck

two faced cake

this groom's cake is only one side, the brides cake is on the other side of the same cake!

these cakes can have two flavors inside as well

Giant Brookie

Two layers of giant chocolate chip cookie with a layer of brownie sandwiched in the middle between layers of buttercream frosting for the groom that just isn't a fan of cake

Naked strawberry shortcake

This multi tiered strawberry shortcake was made in the early 2000's, long before the "naked cake" was popularized.  It is displayed on separate stands topped with chocolate dipped berries and white chocolate seashells

dark red

This cake was originally a Quinceanera cake for a twin but I think it makes a great groom's cake design

red velvet cake

Simple red velvet cake

Stacked decorative king cakes for a wedding

Red 4 wheeler cake

wheels are 8inches diameter.

Small green 4 wheeler

wheels are 5 inches diameter