Special Occasions

Pretty Tropical flowers

Leaf textured fondant covered, handpainted in buttercream and adorned with bright flowers

Tiffany Blue Cake

this was a very fancy birthday cake

Super Hero stack

Chuck E Cheese Cake

cake board is decorated to look like a giant pepperoni pizza and delivered to Chuck E Cheese's famous place just for Sawyer's birthday

Wonderland Cake

Single tier Alice in wonderland themed cake for a first birthday with matching smash cake.  Buttercream icing with fondant hand modeled and painted decorations

Cocomelon for Phoenix

Mermaid Cake

classic mermaid teal, pink and purple cake

Mermaid cake 2

simple buttercream iced cake with white chocolate seashells and macarons

Cartoon cake

The presently popular design choice for 2022 and 2023 birthday cakes

UPS birthday surprise box

this giant "cardboard box" is complete with shipping label and everything you need for your party

Rebecca's 13th birthday

Sweet 16

topsy turvy cake in black white and red for a sweet 16 celebration

Lexie's Farm

Hand Modeled little farm animals with a little farmer Lexie too

Highland Cow Cake

This first birthday cake with matching smash cake is not my original design, made to match photo sent by the customer

Candyland Blue cake

Candyland Pink cake

Dino birthday cake

Hand modeled TRex and fondant rocks

Outter Space cake

Bulldog cake

this bulldog is a fan of a local baseball team and he's dressed to cheer them on

Nike Baseball bag cake

sports bag, ball and glove

Hot Pink Heel cake

Sugar shoe, flowers and trimmed in gold for a 50th birthday

Denim and diamond 

Sugar shoe, cake sparkle and a rhinestone tiara to dress up this denim cake with all the stitching and seams of real jeans

Hot Wheel cake

One big wheel surrounded by cupcake flames

The Remake Cake

This cake showed up at my door in a pile of crumbs after traveling from a bakery in Houston, this is how it turned out after I made the repairs and delivered it.  It was not the fault of the client, the bakery had not put supports in the bottom tier and the top one fell off during travel

Garfield cake

This is a smash cake for a photo shoot and was a smaller version of a design the client found online

Steam Punk Snail cake

The Austin cake club challenged me with this theme to see what I could come up with....here he is

Encanto Cake

I had so much fun making this cake for Raven.  She and I share the same birthday and that just made it extra special.  Each roof tile is hand cut and formed then placed on the cake.  There's even a butterfly on top, and I'm sure this was way more cake than they needed.

Candy Castle

This castle cake came with a carriage that had Minnie mouse peaking out the window but I can't find pictures of the carriage as it's been so many years ago.  Such a shame too because it was cute as could be!


This pretty tropical cake was to celebrate Dawn and Kevin's birthdays because they are so close together


A happy, vibrant and bright cake design just like our friend Magda

Flamingo Cake

flamingo is sculpted and painted royal icing, this cake was for a young man who just loves flamingos

Pink  flamingo cake

This cake was made many years ago, at least 10

Olaf Cake

Clover got a 3d Olaf cake for her birthday. I wish I had a side view because his carrot nose is just too much!  Snowflake light on his shoulder is from a projector

Snow person with a snow doggie

This Gigantic cake, I mean it was close to 300 servings of cake, was made for the Beaumont Board of REALTORS holiday party one year.  I even put a Lamar Cardinal on the top hat just to keep it local.  Of course the eyes are made of "coal" modeling chocolate 

3D santa

this guy stands over 2 feet tall, his belly and bag of toys are all cake

Giant Gingerbread House Cake

300 ish servings of vanilla cake decorated to look like a gingerbread house for the REALTOR holiday party

Frozen themed cake with hand modeled sugar paste Olaf, Anna and Elsa

Christmas wonderland 

Stack of Cupcakes

This is a cake, not cupcake sized at all 4-7-10 inch cakes

Roller skate cake

Micha's cake

It's hard to believe she's old enough to have a 70th birthday cake at all, wine themed cake 

Pink Champagne cake

Carousel cake

Lexi's carousel cake actually turned, that's why the top of the cake is blurry in the picture.  There's a video on my facebook page

Bunny rabbit birthday cake

pink gingham and a little sugar bunny on top, this cake was so cute I wanted to keep it!

Barber cake

This barber chair cake is so much bigger than it looks!  it was really big

How to train your dragon

This is toothless the cake

3D dog cake

I don't know if she got a real dog for her birthday but she loved her cake, made for a 7 year old girl and delivered to Tinseltown

Maren's cake

ice cream themed so it's ice cream flavored too!  Mint chcolate chip icecream cake....so GOOD

Shark cake

This birthday boy wanted the shark to have a leg in his mouth but his mom didn't tell me, on purpose

For the love of gardening

This cake was for a man who loves gardening, it was a surprise from his wife.  It took us a while to decide what to do for his cake but this turned out wonderful

Men of Jude

Christmas party cake with barbecuing gingerbread man

Sandcastle cake

Milk and Cookies

Unicorn cake

this unicorn topped cake was not for a little girl


Lacey bugs 30th birthday cake complete with her tattoos and a few of her favorite things

16th birthday cake

Into the Woods themed birthday cake

Nursing themed graduation cake

25th class reunion for Central High School

Cowboy birthday cake

sugar boots on top of this cute cowboy themed cake with all the things

First Rodeo

Cowgirl themed first rodeo cake

Engagement cake


Dupont refinery themed retirement cake with hardhat and night sky 

Shrek has lunch

3D shrek cake with chick fil a lunch for a graduation party

close up of shreks lunch